Beautifully Executed 1977 Hiccup

If you've ever wanted a 1977 Honda Civic pickup conversion, this is the one to get!

The seller points out that this conversion was done with great attention to detail and that people ask all the time if it is a factory truck.  From the pictures, we understand how many would make that mistake.

It's hard to put a value on a one-off, but, whatever the market range is, this should be at the top.  We suspect it will go a bit above $5K, whether or not that's good enough for the reserve.

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Arroyo Grande, CA, USA
$3,026 with ten bids, 5.5 days to go and reserve not met

As the seller claims, this is a very nicely done conversion.

The bed is amazingly well integrated with the body, right down to accent lines.

This looks pretty convincing from behind, although it would look even better with "HONDA" stamped into the tailgate.

Lower the gate reveals a nicely finished bed.  I'd at least put a mat in there to preserve the paint.

The spare is located under a cover in the bed.

Front end is all 1977 Civic.

Interior appears to be in very good shape.  We have always liked these early Civic interiors.

There's a bit of storage behind the seats.

Factory 1.5-liter four cylinder is nice 'n clean.

Ad text:

Introducing the Honda Hiccup

This is a one of a kind custom Honda civic pickup. Believe me, it looks like it was a factory made car from Honda.

Over $12,000 invested. Started life as a civic coupe. Was very well converted to the truck you see. MANY man hours of custom fabrication went into this truck. It is know around town as the Honda Hiccup

The bed and rear of cab were donated from a Chevy Luv truck. The tailgate works perfect and the compartment that you see near the rear of the bed is how you access the spare tire.

There is even secret “storage” space under the front of the bed which is accessed from the inside of the cab behind the rear wall carpet in back of the seats. Really cool, enough to store valuables, books, ect. (See picture).

Think of the time and fabrication it took to mold the bed, weld the bed and streamline it into the shape of one body. It all ties into the rear of the cab thus creating the “unibody” appearance. Notice that the bed incorporates the body grooves that follow the along the bottom of the fenders and doors. You would have to see in person to truly appreciate the fine work that was done. There was nothing left out to make you think with no doubt that this was a factory made Honda. Just a beautiful well done job.

Custom fabricated “unibody” were the truck of the bed has been incorporated with the cab. Similar to a VW rabbit pickup. A very well done conversion. People always say, “I didn’t know Honda made a truck?” Or they will say, “I have never seen one” I always like to play with them and tell them that I custom ordered it from Honda.

*custom fabricated rear bumper encompassing the stock look

* custom frenched in front side markers

* cutom fabricated front grill

* custom fabricated spare tire section in the bed.

* custom incorporated “3rd Brake light” on the rear window.

* CRUISE CONTROL INSTALLED. Yes, cruise control. Recently its had an issue. Power turns on but it is no longer engaging. Should be a quick fix.

She is powered by a CVCC 1500cc engine. Coupled with a factory 5-Speed transmission. The motor and transmission run perfectly. The motor starts right up and the transmission shifts wonderful. Clutch is tight. Steering is tight. She also has really good pickup due to its weight.

* 5 speed manual transmission

* Front disc brake conversion

* Custom Period correct racing rims 13 inch wrapped in Brand New Tires.

* All original gauges in working order.

* Original choke level works along with the choke light.

* All lights funtion as stock. Brakes, running, turn signals, reverse, all.

Brand new paint. It shines really well. The pin striping and rocker stripes are vinyl decals. If you don’t like them you can take them off.

Brand new tires. 175/70/13

Very hard to find period correct custom wheels.

The interior is also complete. Pretty clean all around. Door panels carpet in good shape. It has factory Honda seats that have the two tone seat covers fitted for them.

* custom carpet kit was made to fit the conversion.

If you love to be noticed and the center of attention, this UNIQUE Honda will give you a run for your money.

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