An Urban Legend Lives? Alleged Shelby CV525

The seller claims this is a Shelby CV525, which is basically an internet rumor, and that is it one of ten, with only two in the US.  Why would ANY Crown Victoria exist outside the US?  Why is this interesting, you ask?  Because it claims to be a Panther with supercharger and manual trans.  Unfortunately, it's likely a hoax...

Is $19K reasonable for a car that doesn't exist?

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Long  Beach, CA, USA

If the car is even really for sale, it wears SVT Cobra wheels and fender badge, along with semi-blacked-out hood and strange stripes.

Hmm...this doesn't even look like the same car.  Are you onto something with the hoax concept?

This could be the right car, but it seems the battery is on wrong side.  Hmm - this might be a Mustang.

Ad text:

Rare, 525 hp, supercharged, manual !! 1 of 10 built (2 in the US)

0-60 in under 6 seconds, a true SVT Mustang Cobra sedan

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  1. The dash looks like a Ford GT