70s Peugeot Flagship Sedan

The Peugeot 504 was to top of the Peugeot range for many years and, like so many unusual European products, was in production - in one form or another - for over 30 years and on various continents.  Of course, it wasn't in the US for long, as the entire brand pulled out in the 80s.

This is truly an elegant sedan and has clean styling.  While the PRV V6 found its way into this car, this example has a 2.0-liter four cylinder likely putting out a bit over 100 horsepower.  So, it's not a fast car, but should be a pleasure to drive and likely has that wonderful French balance of ride and handling.  This one is also equipped  with a four-speed manual, which should help its fun factor.

The seller says this car has new paint and interior and that it runs well.  Several undercarriage pictures are included and show the car is pretty clean all around and appears to be well maintained.  Is it worth $7,500 to you?  If truly in very good condition, that might not be a bad deal.

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Huntington Beach, CA, USA
$7,500 BIN with a bit over seven hours to go

Classic looks work strangely well with apparently newer wheels.  We're not experts, though - are these wheels original??

Front end hints at Peugeot "angry lamps" styling, which would stick around for quite some time.

From this angle, the rear looks pretty plain, though perfectly elegant.

This angle shows the funky, droopy butt shape.

These alloys appear to be newer than the car.

A full-size spare (notably on a steel wheel) is mounted under the car.  Pickup fans should be happy.

Gauge cluster is simple, well-placed and legible, though we'd like the tach in the middle.

Rear seat rear is more than ample, assuming those fronts aren't pushed all the way forward.

Things look clean under the hood, but it looks like there's been some shadetree mechanic wiring.  Also, the tiny cone filter doesn't have much surface area.  The 2-liter four probably sounds good with that, however, and that's easily changed.

Ad text:

1975 504 peugeot new paint new interior a/c power steering 4 speed like new in and out europeam model w/ mechanical fuel injection 
runs great call jesse for more details 714-xxx-xxxx

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