4WD Wagon FTW!

No, Ford never built 'em like this.  This is a custom job involving a 1972 Gran Torino County Squire and something else.

The seller claims this has a recently rebuilt 351 Cleveland with "special cam headers and carburetor."  The one engine shot shows no carb, so we're not sure what to think of that.  Presumably, this is on a Ford Pickup or Bronco frame, but the seller says nothing and the pictures are lacking at best.  We do know this has an automatic transmission.

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Kern County, CA, USA

Here's the classic brown/bronze with woodgrain, obviously sitting a bit higher than stock.

From this angle, thing look normal, though dirty.

Interior appears to be workable, but we can't see much.  Note transfer case shifter!

This is the only other interior shot, and it only serves to confirm that the car has a front seat and a window crank.

Here's the claimed rebuilt 351C - one of your humble host's favorite engines (biased).

Ad text:

This gran Torino is one of a kind with a 351 Cleveland motor fully rebuilt with a special cam headers and carburetor. Must see to appreciate.will sell motor separately. Make me an offer

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  1. Someone needs to take the beer away from them before they do this again.