Pronounce it Share-Odd

With a name like Share-Odd, one pictures sophisticated, old-world charm.  That doesn't match the shitbox called the Charade, though this is a perfectly durable entry car if you can live with 47 horsepower.

Daihatsu had a short, roughly five-year life in the US in the late 80s and early 90s.  The Charade was joined in the US by the Rocky, which was a competitor to the Isuzu Amigo and perhaps the smaller Suzuki Samurai.  The Charade was an entry level car with fairly interesting styling for the segment.   The downside was an underpowered, three-cylinder engine that just didn't keep up with the competition, or at least didn't do enough to get attention as an unfamiliar brand.

Toyota owns a controlling interest in Daihatsu, something they took about the time these cars appeared in the US.  They closed up US sales in 1992 and Daihatsu is now largely forgotten in this market.

The seller claims 146K miles and some recent maintenance.  From the little we know about these, it should have lots of life left, but you'll have to ask  yourself whether it's a $3,400 car or would be a great $1,000 purchase.  The seller uses the term JDM, but that makes no sense on this left-hand drive, US market car.

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San Fernando Valley, CA, USA

This isn't ugly.  We can say that much.

Rear end is blocky.  Owner has debadged this one in some strange attempt to create a euro look.

Interior looks nice enough for what this is.  Clutch pedal and manual shifter are always welcome sights.

Yep...three spark plug wires coming from a tiny distributor cap!

Ad text:

I'am reluctantly selling my baby to fund another project. I drive this car everywhere so the hood might have some chips but other than hood with minimal chips the rest of the car is great. No dents or dings. Shaved truck and passenger key. 

I own a few of these and this is the nicest yet. real chance to drive a unique JDM car and get 50 mpg. The car will come with the black bumpers, Id like to save the drag bumpers for my race car. see picture below.

I"ve gone as far as canada in snow and sleet with this thing with 2 people. If your looking for something over engineered and built to last this is the car.

exterior 9/10
interior 9/10
mechanical 10/10

1.0 3Cylinder 47hp 0-60 normal driving 12 secs, spirited driving 10 sec. I've done 90 coming up the 5 =)
5 Speed
AC works better than in my 2015 car. Converted r134 
146,000 Miles
K&N drop in filter
New Head plus Timing & water pump done 4k ago
New Battery 
Smog in hand
Gas saver

Not in a rush to sell no low ballers. 

Will trade for a vw vr6 or a pick up or 4x4
I traded my past car for a atv on CL with great success, let
make it happen again.

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