Go Electric or Go Original? Semi-Converted NSU Prinz 30

We've featured the NSU Prinz 30 before, so we've briefly explained that it was a German brand acquired by VW and rolled into Audi in the 60s.  These tend to pop up as projects, and today's feature is no exception.  Our last Prinz 30, which was attached to a pallet, makes this "rescued-from-the-hedge-but-complete" example look great!

Some previous owner attempted to add electric power, but it's not clear whether it ever drove that, as the major hardware it gone.  The new owner will have to decide whether it's worth going back to original, finishing the EV project, or - our choice - going with some sort of modern power plant while keeping the stock appearance.

Yes, we love sleepers!

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Emeryville, California, USA
$4,000 BIN with offers considered

Apparently, the seller found this one while overgrown and talked the owner out of it.

How long might it have been in the bushes?

Here's the first 'rescue' shot.

And here's the obligatory trailer loading shot.

All only surface rust?

The interior shows obvious signs of electric conversion - it's not clear whether that makes it much more difficult to go back to gas.  As claimed, the seats appear to have nice, new upholstery and the floor pans seem solid, from what we can tell.

There was a back seat at one time - as this was meant to be affordable transportation for a family - in postwar Germany, mind you.

No engine or motor is included; so any new owner needs to decide which way to go.  It does look like some bumper pieces are included, however.

Ad text:

I found this cool car deep in the hard part of town. I was riding my bike by and found a jovial fellow out front hacking away at the juniper. I had a lively conversation and heard back a week later, yes the car could be had! I brought the prinz home to my humble garage and the neighborhood hasn't stopped buzzing since! I live close to pixar studios and told them I have a star for their next movie. Have not heard back though. The little car is ready for a new engine or electric conversion. The previous owner had hoped to electrify the little car. He had the seats beautifully re-upholstered in a dark red. I have been shipping cars for 5 years now and this little car will make someone so happy. Its begging for a re-do. Do you have a special person that deserves a cool car? harris.

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