One-Pic Pony: Poor Ad for Interesting, Wooden Crosley

Here we have a 1947 Crosley - something we love in any body type - with a homemade, wooden body.  Unfortunately, the seller has included only one image, which means we can't even see the front.  Needless to say, we're intrigued, but also worried about the mass of this beast.

1966 Mustang Turbo Coupe

Admit it, if you're a car person remotely interested in Fords, you've wondered about this swap at some point.  The seller has combined a nicely modified 1980s 2.3 turbo with a 1966 Mustang and seems to have done all the right suspension, brake and other mods to keep up.

Set your own Rekords in this Shift-it-Yourself Opel

With some funds, any European auto fan can score a 1980s BMW, Mercedes or even Audi; but this Opel Rekord will stand out in any American crowd today.

Buick Grand National Wagon Tribute

No, Buick never put the turbocharged 3.8 from the GN into the Regal Wagon; but someone else did.

1996 Jaguar XJR with MT Swap

We love sleepers, and Jaguar's XJR models have often qualified.  We're particularly partial to the original version, what with its supercharged XJR6 inline six cylinder.  The usual issue is that essentially all of them came with automatic transmissions.  This seller decided to fix that.

1991 Volvo 240 Crew Cab

We've seen Volvo 240 pickup conversions before, but never a crew cab!  This one retains rear doors and a rear seat, although the seat back angle doesn't scream comfort.

Forbidden Fruit: 1973 Opel Commodore GT/E

The Opel Commodore was an executive sedan which was never sold in the US. We don't know how this one found its way to the high desert of California; but we do know it's the most desirable variant: a two-door GT/E with a four-speed manual.