Potential Four-Fer: Piaggio Ape Calessinos

The Piaggio Ape has a long history including deliveries and shuttling rich people around beautiful islands.  Supposedly, the four available from this seller are rare special editions.  Whether that's true or not, we think they're cool.

Two-Stroke Pre-Samurai

Long before the Suzuki Samurai graced US shores, Suzuki offered the LJ.   The Samurai was considered basic in the 1980s and this was just as basic in its day, featuring a 0.5L, two-cylinder engine.  Off-road capability was always part of the story, though.

The Anti-Donk?

It seems most sedans raised to this extent wear 26-inch (or greater) diameter wheels.  In this case, a Chrysler 300 body is mounted atop an older Chevy Blazer K10 frame.  This could be the anti-donk, or maybe this is the redneck donk.  In any case, this should actually have off-road capability.

Why? Nearly Perfect 1990 Sable Wagon

The seller claims this was a grandparental car from new, and that's the only explanation we can think of for its condition.  Any Sable in good condition is an oddball in 2016; but this wagon with full blue interior and upgraded engine is a true gem.  Would you drive this?

Rare Manual 1976 Olds 442 in Lovely Green

Yes, these 442s and Cutlasses were available with a five-speed manual whilst most pony cars were chugging along with four-speeds well into the 80s.  We don't know why, but we know there's a lot to like about this big, green beauty.

Westfalia Vanagon Wearing Gulf Livery

VW T3/Vanagons are some of the slowest vehicles one can love.  Trust me, I own one.  Still, these are true enthusiast vehicles which offer a lot of fun in camper form.  Someone decided that today's feature would be better off with Gulf Livery to give off a racing vibe, for better or worse.

1976 Torino Elite Donk

What's not to love about a '76 Torino rollin' on 26s?  Well, the ride quality, the lack of stability, the possible stress on the prop shaft, inability to cheaply replace suspension parts and more.  Still, these are all about style and someone thought this was worth building.  Is it worth buying?