FrankenPacer! AMC Pacer 4x4

What do you get when you combine a 1976 Pacer with GM axles, an AMC V8 and International Scout transmission and transfer case?  Well, this...

Over-Restored (?) 1971 Sunbeam Imp

The Hillman/Sunbeam Imp is a cool little two-door sedan with its lightweight aluminum engine in the rear and an interesting rally history.  This one appears to have been restored to a high level, but is any Imp worth the $35K asking price? Tide! 1977 Holden One Tonner

Any car person worth his or her weight in dung knows that Australia loves its utes, but not everyone knows that genuine chassis cab configurations were available at times.  Today's feature is a 1977 Holden HZ One Tonner and is one such beast.  Oddly, this one found its way to Indianapolis.

Good Morning, Vietnam-Style Citroen Truckette

Just picture this in blue with Tuan (AKA Phan Đức Tô) stealing it with eggs falling out the back.  You get the picture...

Great Ad and Cool Car: '76 Datsun Honey Bee

We admit it, we love the Honey Bee.  Sure, Nissan/Datsun shipped too many base B210s and someone in Gardena simply decided to slap decals on them to make them a "special", but there's something oddly appealing about this little car.

Rare American Bantam Boulevard Delivery Microcar

American Bantam was a short-lived Microcar maker, which spun out of the bankrupt American Austin in the mid-to-late 1930s.  Despite only about five model years of production, these Austin-based cars existed in several body types.  This "Boulevard Delivery" is one of the most interesting and collectible.

Straight Outta Florida: The Boss Hummer H1, Now Wearing Zombie Apocalypse Gear

Apparently, this was built as the ultimate hunting vehicle and was shown at a ridiculous toy show in Dubai in 2015.  Needless to say, this was originally done in Florida, despite its current California location.

Body on Different Frame: Ford Falcon and Crown Vic United!

Yes, the Falcon used unibody construction.  That seems to explain why this is so oddly tall.  Also, the front was extended a whopping thirteen inches because the wheelbase of the Crown Victoria was so much longer.  These issues make one wonder why these two cars were selected for mating. But, then again, who doesn't love a challenge?