Former Lane Motor Museum Push-Me-Pull-You 1979 Honda Civic!

How do we know this came from the Lane? We've seen it in the basement! Also, anything this weird in Nashville probably has something to do with Lane.

Get to Know this Homemade Geo Metro Pickup

That's right, folks, 1997 represented the end of a glorious run for GM's often-confused, import-based Geo brand.  Does that make this a collectible?  Probably not - especially considering the continuation of the Metro as a Chevrolet product for several more years.  Today's feature, however, isn't really about brand heritage, it's about yet another tiny hatch (AKA shitbox) turned into a pickup. If you think a Subaru Baja is just too practical, this might be the vehicle for you.

Pre-Volvo Dual Forced Induction:1989 Nissan March Super Turbo

Several years after the original March/Micra launched, it seems Nissan wanted its own race series for these little buggers; so the March Super Turbo was born.  What that means is 110 HP out of 0.93 liters.  This was achieved using both a turbo and a supercharger!

Modified 1988 Suzuki Samurai with VW TDI Power

First, this is an older TDI engine; so don't assume VW will buy it back!

With that out of the way, we think this is a great swap idea.  Anyone worth his or her weight in compost knows that the often-disrespected Samurai is an amazingly capable off-roader.  Adding torque via a turbo-diesel is, we think, a fantastic idea.  The cosmetic mods to this trucklet can only be judged subjectively, however, and we think it's a bit over the top.

Rear-Wheel Drive, Manual and T-Tops: Suzuki X90

We've featured a few X90s in the past because, frankly, we can't pass them up.  The X90 is perhaps the least likely vehicle to have made some level of mass production in the last twenty years (give or take).  While we'd love to have one in the Oddimotive stable, we have to confess that the X90 is also the least performance-oriented answer to the question of what has RWD, a clutch pedal and t-tops.

Quickie: 1993 Centurion Ford Bronco Dually

Talk about a tease!  Here we have one of the rare Centurion four-door Bronco conversions, apparently set up as a dually.  Sadly, that's about all we know about it...

Isuzu Bellel Three-Fer: 60s Japanese Diesel Sedan Goodness

The Isuzu Bellel (which, the interwebs state, references fifty bells - the meaning of Isuzu) was Isuzu's first in-house design, but was inspired by the Hillman/Sunbeam Imp Minx, which Isuzu previously built under license.  These are rear-wheel drive sedans and were originally offered with diesel or gasoline engines.  Today's feature includes not one, not two, but three Bellels!

Bond Minicar 250 G

No, the infamous Reliant Robin was not the only three-wheeled, British microcar.  About 25 years before the Robin, there was the Bond Minicar.  Today's feature car is the best of that breed - at least in terms of being a complete car - the Mark G.  It also represents the end of a nearly twenty-year run.