Rare Callaway Turbo Scirocco

Callaway modified much more than Corvettes in the past, with their Alfa Romeo GTV fairly well-known; but they also got into a few Volkswagens over the years.  Their "Stage I" Sciroccos boosted output from about 74HP to 117HP, which is a huge increase.  The seller claims this car is one if a few "Stage III" cars with a bigger turbo and intercooler, as well as water injection.  No dyno figures are available, but the interwebs claim north of 200HP.

Homebuilt, Kohler-Powered Sports Car

This was supposedly built by a shop teacher in the late 1970s as a possible answer to the gas crisis.   The end result looks just plain fun!

Obscure DeTomaso Dodge Omni 024

You might be excused if you don't remember the "sporty" 024 variant of the Dodge Omni or its Plymouth Turismo TC3 sibling.  You'll absolutely be excused if you never knew that there was a DeTomaso-badged special edition.  While the DeTomaso didn't have its own performance upgrades, this 1981 model at least has the upgraded 2.2-liter four cylinder; so it's the one to have.

Why So Bitter, Senator?

Sure, this post has a weird title, but it's because today's feature is a particularly weird car.  I remember the Bitter SC from an exotic car book my dad had in the 80s.  Basically, it's an Opel Senator with a custom body (which looks remarkably like a period Ferrari 400) and spruced-up interior.  This particular example also has a stroked version of the Opel inline six.

Time Capsule Topaz: Two-Door with Five-Speed!

Soon, we'll have a whole generation that doesn't remember Mercury, Ford's red-headed stepchild.  That's sad, as the brand had a few real performance gems over the years.  This isn't one of them, but it is a last holdout of the 80s, even though it was sold in the 90s.

Volvo 940 Batmobile

Admit it, you've all looked at delightfully boxy, 80s and 90s Volvos and wondered what they would look like as Batmobiles.  Well, someone decided to find out.

Homemade VW/Chrysler/Ford/Chevy Hot Rod

There's not much else we can call this because it's part VW, part Chrysler, part Ford, part Chevy and perhaps others.  It's definitely unique and it's definitely not boring.

MurderCedes: Zombia Apocalypse Survival Car

Thinking about the bottom falling out around the 2016 US election?  This might be just the ticket, especially if you convert it to veggie oil, which should be fairly easy to do.